Train, tow, transport safely

A new training and assessment programme designed to help drivers develop safer towing skills.

Whether learning to tow for the first time or building on existing skills and experience, the Safe Towing Scheme will provide a complete certified training programme focused on developing towing skills, knowledge, competency and safety.

  • With the removal of a requirement for a DVSA B+E test for cars and light vehicles in November 2021 the Safe Towing scheme has been developed to provide a recognised training and assessment route for drivers wishing to tow, and aims to improve towing safety standards through professional training and assessment.
  • Training will be delivered via a blend of engaging elearning and practical training, including FREE online courses, as well as access to a network of Safe Towing Scheme approved professional trainers near to you who can provide one on one training and assessments. 
  • The syllabus will cover core areas of towing with additional specialist pathways for recreational (boat, caravan, etc), animal transport, plant and equipment.
  • The Safe Towing Scheme is accredited by the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training and endorsed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency and Department for Transport. 
  • The scheme is delivered in partnership by the National Towing and Trailer Association, the main body in the UK representing the light towing industry and Diamond Advanced Motorists, an internationally respected provider of advanced driver training and a DVSA accredited driver testing body

Need training?

I’m a driver looking to develop my towing skills and get certified 
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Are you training centre?

If you’re an existing B+E trainer/training organisation become a Safe Towing Scheme approved centre and benefit from recognised status and a range of support resources to help you develop your training and assessment provision. 

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