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Why undertake B+E training?

If you’re reading this section you’re already savvy enough to realise that even though there is no longer a mandatory B+E test, it should be a personal mandate for all drivers who care about their risk of towing to themselves (and whatever they’re transporting), and the risk to other road users, to engage in a form of training to develop their skills, knowledge, competency and safety.

There are over 4,000 accidents a year involving trailers of one description or another. That’s an average of just under 11 per day, with the majority being preventable.

Safe towing involves a mix of many elements: the driver, tow vehicle, the trailer, the nature of the load itself, reason and context for journeys undertaken, road environment and conditions etc. Each of these elements contributes to how safe the towing experience and safety of the combination will be.

The Safe Towing Scheme is unique in offering drivers a holistic training programme, focused on the core risk elements identified above and delivered via an engaging blend of online learning (in the form of a short preparatory course and theory assessment, not pass or fail but designed to help you test and reflect on your knowledge) and practical on and off-road training with professional accredited training bodies.

As candidates seeking training will vary from those who have no experience of towing to those who want to build on existing experience, training can be tailored to individual needs and experience, your trainer will undertake a pre-training questionnaire with you before training commences to help them identify the best programme for you.

The typical learning journey

Select a Safe Towing Scheme Approved Training Centre

Use our Find an Approved Trainer page to find a Safe Towing Scheme accredited centre near you

Book training with them

Your Approved Trainer will discuss the practical training sessions and their costs with you 

Pay the candidate fee to the Safe Towing Scheme

Covering Certificate fees, your Logbook and any learning and assessment resources provided by the Safe Towing Scheme

Preparing for, and recording, your training

Approved Training Centre sends you the online course and theory test to help you prepare for practical training. You will also be sent your own personal Learner Logbook. 

Complete the pre-training questionnaire

So we can tailor your training experience

Practical training commences

Once the online course is completed practical training commences with your Approved Trainer

Training complete

Introductory Certificate in Safe Towing (B+E) issued

The logbook

The logbook is used to record training progress and can be used to record any additional B+E training

Advanced towing assessment

Option of advanced towing assessment (practical on-road assessment carried out by separate assessor and a pass/fail theory test) resulting in Advanced Certificate in Safe Towing

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